Did Someone Say Treat?

It’s your Best Friend, of course, you want to feed them the best!    We put the FRESH in FRESHNESS by baking 10 flavors daily in our kitchen in Aiken, SC!   We use human-grade ingredients in everything we bake!    No preservatives or by-product fillers are ever used!    Our best-selling treat mix is our 1 Pound Assortment, which includes a little bit of everything.     Of course, your Best Friend may have a favorite, so you can certainly purchase by the flavor.    A one-pound package contains approximately 30 treats.

one pound assortment

One Pound Assortment


One Pound Assortment – We’ll pack your treats up so your Best Friend has a little bit of everything!

beefy bites

Beefy Bites


Our Beefy Bites contain real beef broth and are perfect for a dog on the go!

(Certificate of Analysis – Moisture 5.74%, Protein 13.73%, Fat 9.02 and Crude Fiber 1.60%)


Pumpkin Wheat-free Woofers


Pumpkin Wheat-Free Woofers – If you’re looking for a wheat-free alternative, our pumpkin treats are the answer.     Pumpkin naturally assists with digestion!

(Certificate of Analysis – Moisture 5.7%, Protein 9.02%, Fat 4.99%, Crude Fiber 2.07%)

blueberry barker

Blueberry Barkers


Blueberry Barkers – Do you feed your dog fresh blueberries?  We do!   We blend blueberries into this treat and it’s a favorite with many of our “regulars”!

(Certificate of Analysis – Moisture  3.73%, Protein 13.47%, Fat 8.24%, Crude Fiber 1.60%)


Apple Cinnamon Snaps


Apple Cinnamon – This one smells heavenly when baking!  Apples with a slight sprinkling of cinnamon will make any dog come running!

(Certificate of Analysis – Moisture 6.95%, Protein 13.52%, Fat 4.33%, and Crude Fiber 1.46%)

crazy for carrots

Crazy for Carrots


Crazy for Carrots – Do you feed your dog fresh carrots?   We Do!   We found that they love them in treats as much as they do when having them raw!  

(Certificate of Analysis – Moisture 6.24%, Protein 13.54%, Fat 5.92%, Crude Fiber 1.6%)

peanut butter honey

Peanut Butter and Honey Crunch


Peanut Butter and Honey Crunch – This crunch favorite contains two of their favorite ingredients, peanut butter and honey – packed together, they are a fan favorite in Aiken!

(Certificate of Analysis – Moisture 3.96%, Protein 15.74%, Fat 10.75%, Crude Fiber 1.42%)

lean mean

Lean Mean Green Beans


Our Lean Mean Green Beans are great for a dog who is less active or needs to watch his waistline!

carolina cluckers

Carolina Cluckers


Carolina Cluckers – If your dog loves chicken, our Carolina Cluckers are the perfect treat!

(Certificate of Analysis – Moisture 3.96%, Protein 13.99%, Fat 7.8%, Crude Fiber 1.32%)

cheese biscuits

Cheese Biscuits


Say Cheese Please –  Our cheese biscuits will make your Best Friend sit up and beg!

(Certificate of Analysis – Moisture 5.5%, Protein 13.77%, Fat 11.20, Crude Fiber 1.20%)


Bacon and Cheese Bowsers


Bacon and Cheese Bowsers – Bacon, bacon, bacon and cheese….and did we say bacon?

(Certificate of Analysis – Moisture 3.96%, Protein 14.51%, Fat 4.6%, Crude Fiber 1.8%)