downtown BATH 
Includes bath, nails, ear cleaning and dry *
Small ($38) Medium ($44) Large ($49) Giant ($60)

downtown BATH PLUS
Includes bath, nails, ear cleaning, brush out, trim face/feet/rear, dry, bandana, and treat *
Small ($50 – $55) Medium ($60 – $65) Large ($70 – $75) Giant ($80 – $85)

Includes bath, nails, ear cleaning, brush out, all over cut, dry, bandana, treat
Small ($55 – $60) Medium ($70 – $75) Large ($80 – $90) Giant ($110)

Some Breeds can take twice as long to groom as other breeds”.
($10 – $40)

* All bathing services include house shampoo and conditioner

Prices are general prices and can increase depending on the dog and the condition of the dog’s coat.   Package prices do not include de-matting dogs. Prices subject to change.

Additional Services (with a package)

Anal Glands


Brush Teeth




Flea Shampoo


Stand-Alone Services

Brush Teeth


Nails LG -GT


Nails SM-MD


Express Service: $20

Examples of small breed dogs:  Dachshund, Cavaliers,  Jack Russell, Pekingese, Pomeranian, Toy Poodle, Shih Tzu, 

Examples of medium breed dogs:  Bassett, Beagle, Boykin, Bulldog, Pug, Sheltie, Spaniels

Examples of large breed dogs:  Golden, Labrador, Boxer, German Shorthaired Pointer, Weimaraner, Viszla 

Examples of giant breed dogs:  Great Dane, Great Pyrenees, St. Bernard, Irish Wolfhound, Bernese Mountain Dog 

For the safety of our groomers, as well as the safety of all the dogs in the grooming area, we require a proof of rabies vaccination certificate showing an expiration date.   Certificates can be emailed to